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Rain Water Harvesting

About Us

Our company name is Etills Ltd and we are based in Melbourn, Cambridgeshire in the UK. We sell a wide range of rainwater harvesting systems from many suppliers and manufacturers. We also manufacture and stock a wide range of our own rainwater harvesting systems, water butts, water tanks, pot planters, underground tanks and other garden products.


Harvesting Rainwater

Our rain water harvesting systems consist of domestic systems for the home to large commercial and industrial size systems. We have such a variety of rainwater harvesting systems which include rainwater systems for underground and rainwater systems for aboveground, depending on individual choice.

Over the past few years our company has grown considerably and our product collection of Water Tanks and Water Butts have also increased from many different sizes, shapes and colours to choose. We are a company moving forward and we aim to give our customers complete satisfaction with our products. We pride ourselves in quality and customer service and competitive prices.


Rotational Moulding

A world class rotational moulding service, specializing in the design and production of rotational moulded products, including Water Storage Tanks, Oil Storage Tanks, Garden Products and Fuel Dispensing Equipment.

Using the most up to date technology and processes, we are able to design and produce rotational moulded products to the highest standard. Our streamlined factory means that, in many cases, we are able to ship orders out same day.

Although newly established, our comprehensive product line is distributed throughout the UK and abroad.

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